Oceans of Light

Non Neutral

Director: Richie Ramone
Fecha: 3 de octubre, 2016

Información del disco:

First single from our upcoming live EP 'Every Direction Is Forward'
Recorded live in Edificio Steinvorth, San José, Costa Rica on August 14th, 2016

Download the full EP for free at https://nonneutral.bandcamp.com/
Stream in Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4WbIXq...
Check us out at http://www.non-neutral.com and http://www.facebook.com/nonneutral

Video production by Carive Producciones
Directed by Richie Ramone
Audio engineering by Alberto Terán

Dedicated to Victoria Hernández Cavallini. Welcome to life.

* * *

With the power of your beauty, you sooth and heal all troubles
Your depths still hold the mysteries the cycles of life
With the change of the tides, the waves of time that travel
Wash away whatever?s left behind, my sorrows
The distance of a lifetime, the immensities of eras
You cleanse the soul of this earth, to heal my soul
Always humbled by your deepness, the home to eternity,
The questions remain, the answers await

Infinite wisdom calm and tempest, and storms of rage
Sunk in your restless fate of water, and boundless power
Lost in your vastness, abundance, a spec of coral
I seek the sands of time, the pearls of grace
In the winds that blow across the foam into the shores
Cast my sail into the sky, and head for hope
With my head above water, with my spirit grows
I found reason to live, my treasure to keep

Take me under
Give me the peace I long for change
In the deep blue seas, I?ll always wait for love
Give me a chance to undertake
The fears of life and overcome