Formato: LP
Fecha: 1 de noviembre, 2016

Información del disco:
From tracks 1 to 10:

Line Up:

Necromasturbador: Guitars on tracks 1 & 5
Forensick: Guitars,and vocals
Noisegrinder: Guitars, bass, vocals, samples, and drum programming.

This was recorded during the year 2003 at FEKAL STUDIOS by Noisegrinder.

All dis-harmonic arranges by Picha.

Tracks 1-10 were originally released in 2010 by Serpent God Records on the Split CD with Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (Italy) called: "Two Ways To Torture A Rotten Body With Surgery" which was never released in Costa Rica.

Track 11: "Me duele el culo" was never released and it was recorded in 2004 in FEKAL Studios by Noisegrinder

Forensick - Guitars
Noisegrinder - Drum programing & Vocals.

Track 12: "Ulysses 31" was never released due a glitch on its sound which is still audible in this mix, recorded in 2002 by Noisegrinder in FEKAL STUDIOS.

Necromasturbador - Guitars
Noisegrinder - Drum programming, Bass & vocals.

Track 13: "Ska-tofagia" was recorded live on a rehearsal in Alajuelita at some point in the year 2000 during the "Culiando Renalmente" sessions but lost and buried till it was found not long ago.

Mastered in FEKAL STUDIOS by Noisegrinder.

Line up:

Necromasturbador - Guitar
Carnicero Genital - Vocals
Masacrador Vaginal - Bass
Noisegrinder - Drums
released October 31, 2016