Y’ai Cthulu

Hrii Fhtagn

Formato: EP
Fecha: 5 de octubre, 2016

Información del disco:
B.H.C: Vocals
BZK: Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals.
CF: Guitars & Bass.

Drums recorded at EX Studio by Marco Mora
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and vocals recorded and mixed
at Hrii Fhtagn?s home studio by Emilio Fernández
Recorded between February & April 2016.

Hrii Fhtagn
c/o Elmer Quiros A
P.O. BOX 713-7050
Cartago, Costa Rica

BZK RECORDS ®© All rights reserved 2016

released October 4, 2016

All music by Hrii Fhtagn
Lirycs by BZK
Cover illustration and band logo by UxerxesH for Lingua Mortis Artwork (u.xerxes.h@gmail.com)
Layout and graphic design by Emilio Fernández