The Lo-Fi Sounds of Goose Horrible

Goose Horrible

Formato: EP
Fecha: 2 de septiembre, 2016

Información del disco:
Drum Simplicty at its WORST! Unrefined Guitar work! Loud sounds to blow out your speakers! About 2Kg of Reverb per serving! Screaming vocals! All this and more Lo-Fi Goodness come together to bring Sonic Death to all That pretty Pop music garbage that you're so tired of listening to,in this very first EP by Goose Horrible!
released September 1, 2016

All songs written and performed by Goose Horrible
Guitar-Left and Right Hands
Bass drum- Right foot
Hi Hat- Left foot
Vocals- lips,tounge, larynx, and trachea
Recorded at- Cavan Studio in Heredia, Costa Rica
Produced by- Isak Arroyo and Agustin Solis
Cover Photo taken by Lucia Matamoros @ammilphoto