Virtual Hallucinations


Formato: LP
Fecha: 6 de julio, 2016

InformaciĆ³n del disco:
You find yourself in a place you've never seen before, yet it seems familiar. It's full of bright flashing lights surrounded by darkness.
As you walk along a dimly lit path you start to forget who you are and why you came here. These thoughts start to dissolve quickly as you realize the path isn't there anymore.
You feel like you're falling but there is nothingness around you. After what felt like an eternity, lights begin to emerge around you. You are falling.
The lights begin to warp into doors, you try to get in any of them but you can't move. Although you don't know what's behind these doors, you want to escape from this oblivion.
I guess you have to face the reality that you will never wake up.
You close your eyes in hope for all this to pass.
You open your eyes and a white light blinds you. It begins to clarify, but you can't keep your eyes open.
This is it.
Consumed by the void.
released July 5, 2016