Cloud Walking

Will Of The Mountain

Formato: LP
Fecha: 18 de marzo, 2016

Información del disco:
First Release from the band Will of the Mountain.
Metal/post rock, from the brain and soul of Juan Pablo Calvo. Focused on collaboration with other Costa Rican artists. This album features a different singer for each song and the core band is built around musicians from other local acts.
If you like Devin Townsend, Ayreon, God is an Astronaut spiced with a little prog, you will love this record.
released March 17, 2016

-Recorded and mixed by Juan Pablo Calvo at Bushido Audio Productions, Cartago, Costa Rica
-Mastered by Eri Román at Solo Hits Recording and Mastering Studio, San José, Costa Rica

Music and lyrics by Juan Pablo Calvo
Arrangements by Will of the Mountain