Ingolf vs the Man Cricketman

Badsmoke and the Astral Haze

Director: Alejandro Arturo
Fecha: 26 de noviembre, 2017

Información del disco:

Official debut video for Ingolf vs The Man Cricket Man by Badsmoke and the Astral Haze

?Ingolf vs The Man Cricketman? is an advance of a debut EP that will be released in January 2018. The Ep, titled ?Triada of the Earthlings?, is a conceptual work of 3 songs, each representing an observation of human life on earth. This first single represents that we are all one.

?Ingolf vs The Man Cricketman? es un adelanto del EP debut que saldrá en enero del 2018. El EP titulado, ?Triada of Earthlings?, es un trabajo conceptual de 3 canciones, cada una representando una observación sobre la vida humana en la tierra. Este primer sencillo propone que todos los humanos somos uno.

Video credits:
Director: Alejandro Arturo
Director of Photography: Diego Ruiz (COYOTE)
Script: Andrés Matos S and Alejandro Arturo
Director of Art: Alejandro Arturo
Edit: Diego Ruiz (COYOTE)
Post Production: Alejandro Arturo
Camera assitents: Sofía Villalta and Jhon Espinoza
Make up: Sofía Villalta
Wardrobe and props: Andrés Matos S, Nathaly Ugalde, and Alejandro Arturo


Ingolf as Ingolf
Aapep as Man Cricketman

Filmed and produced between May and Septmeber 2017 in the Guanacaste province, Costa Rica.
Special thanks to Villas la Paz


Mancricket Man crawls heavily
He's got legs like machetes

Ingooooooooooolf (7x)
C'mon, get down, get real

Suck it dry, time to eat, nothing left in life except to replete
Take your wife, scar your soul, life death a part of life I'm uncontrollable

Tearing ourselves apart, when we all are one
Easier said than done, but worth life itself

Ingooooooooooolf (7x)
C'mon, get down, get real

Turn the page, slow it down, light it up and hush don't be a fuss
We shall remember we're all in this together

Ingooooooooooolf (7x)
C'mon, get down, get real


?Somos todos humanos, hambre sentimos todos. Un deseo de ser tomados en cuenta nos hiere tenue en el interior. Rindámonos juntos contra el suelo impidiéndonos ver qué tenemos y que no, y con nuestros cuerpos desnudos confesemos sin vacilo lo que tengamos por raíz. Démonos cuenta, todos somos de lo mismo??

?We are all human, we all feel hunger. A desire to be taken into account hurts us softly inside. Let us render ourselves together against the ground, avoiding seeing what we have and what we don?t have, and with our naked bodies sincerely confess what we have as a root. Let?s realise we?re all of the same??

-Életrique Chien