Random Collective

Formato: EP
Fecha: 24 de agosto, 2017

Información del disco:
FÉKUTAI means "morning star" in the native language of Tanna, one of the Islands of Vanuatu, a lost archipelago suspended in the Pacific Ocean...

The Random Collective shares their soft electronic version of traditional sounds from Vanuatu. This EP is inspired by the memories of our member Maracuyá who used to live there, and is based on field recordings from the 60's by Raymond Clausen as well as on the Vanuatu Women's Water Music recording from Wantok Music.

Music by:
MARACUYÁ (www.soundcloud.com/maracuyacita)
NATHAN HALL (www.soundcloud.com/nathanhall-1)
FUNKA (www.soundcloud.com/funka)
NILLO (www.soundcloud.com/nillocr)

A special bonus track by New Caledonian born, Sydney based artist/producer GOHS (www.soundcloud.com/gohs-music)
released August 24, 2017

4 songs mastered by Haunted Water www.soundcloud.com/haunted_water
bonus track mastered by GOHS

Cover picture by Vanuatu Ecotours / artwork by Mostros