The best of (20072016)


Formato: LP
Fecha: 4 de julio, 2017

Información del disco:
A collection of Draska Songs from 2007-2016, a colorful voyage through the musical universes of Draska.


-Along The Way (2007, recorded in Lisbon, Portugal),

-Babylon Will Fall (2009, recorded in Lisbon Portugal),

-Higher (2012, recorded in Toulouse, France and Burkina Faso, Africa),

-Deeper (2014, recorded in Zurich Switzerland and France),

-Mystical Waves (2015, recorded in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica),

-Bohemian Soul Fire (2016, recorded in San Andres, CR)

-7Chakras (2016, recorded in San Andres, CR).
released July 4, 2017

all Songs written and composed by draska