Soy Un Gato Que Solo Sabe de Amor


Formato: LP
Fecha: 17 de abril, 2017

InformaciĆ³n del disco:
"Solo soy un gato que sabe de amor" is the last album from Wiesengrund who draw a new line of electronic sounds in the work of costarican composer marking the begin of new buildings characterized for many compositions specialized in ambient techno music for listening, dancing or both against the fascism celebrating the life, soccer, love for cats and the collapse of a decadent system who spread hate and violence for all.

Clearly, "Solo soy un gato que sabe de amor" is not the same album as lps preceded before, this album is the success of them. As well, a datamosh statement about costarrican culture soccer , begin in-love, cats, alienation and fascism.

The album surfs in many genres as hip-hop, illibient, industrial and christian music.

Thanks to Emmanuel Rodriguez to help me with the art of the album and all the people who support the project. If you want to help directly to Wiesengrund buy the album and share our music.

Special thanks to Carla Alfaro for your ethereal love who motivate me every single day <3 ... and for the support technically in the album.

All the compositions has been made by Wiesengrund
Produced by: Sergio Wiesengrund
Cover by: Emmanuel Rodriguez
released April 17, 2017