Nilo & Nochi

Formato: EP
Fecha: 20 de abril, 2017

Información del disco:
Anamnesis: By definition the word means a collection or remembrance of the past, reminiscence and for us, the word encloses as well our wish to create fresh memories based in our sonorous DNA and in the mysticism that floats in the air deep in the jungle.

With that on mind we wanted to recreate the way music was made centuries ago by our originary tribes, simple, raw and with a lot of depth at the same time.
To do that we based our rhythmic patterns in traditional cumbia beat, strong bass lines and not too many synth layers.
For us, the most important thing was to highlight the sounds of ancestral ocarinas and the voices we used which are part of a very rare vinyl from the 70?s called ?Antología de la Música Indígena Costarricense? which compiles traditional singers and sounds from the Guaimí and Térraba tribes.

These tribes have 2 of the most complex and beautiful languages which by the way are now in the process of recuperation as they were almost dead for a while. The electronic component only gives accent to the complicated vocal lines, the ambiances we generated also work as mist, covering all the strong elements we respectfully choose.

This EP is our interpretation of a period of time when we were in complete balance with our surroundings, a period ruled by a complex cosmology and a period where music was used to describe the every day life at a sacred forest.

Special thanks to Gabriel Dumani (Gráfica Jaguar) for the amazing artwork of the album cover, also we are deeply grateful with Jin Yerel, Temple, Sidi Rum and Ohxalá for the incredible remixes, we are more than honored to have you guys as a part of this EP and of course special thanks to our brother Felipe Delgado at Tropical Twista Records for the support and the love.
released April 20, 2017

All tracks composed by Johnny Gutierrez and Andre Campos Romero



Cover Art by Gabriel Dumani (Gráfica Jaguar)

All tracks materized by Andreh Torres @ RDStudio, Brasil except track 6 masterized by Nico Bruschi.