No Retreat


Formato: EP
Fecha: 31 de marzo, 2017

Información del disco:
Vi: guitar/vox
Hellrys: bass/vox
Brbal: guitar
Boulak: drums/chorus
released March 31, 2017

Produced, recorded and mixed by Bernal Chaves in San José, Costa Rica. Les Sessions September 2016. Mastered by LES Tracks (1,2,5).
Produced by Telecosmic, recorded by Pan Americana in San José, Costa Rica, mixed by Pan Americana in Marseille, France, December 2016,Master by Pan Americana, Tracks (3,4)
Music and Lyrics by Luis ARG, Tracks (1,2,3). Track 4 music by Telecosmic, Lyrics by Hellrys, Track 5 music and Lyrics by Hellrys.
All Rights Reseved 2017.